The insignia of the organization, an Elk's head surrounded by a wreath, is used on pins, stationery, publications and banners. This insignia shows that our members are related to or sponsored by members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elk's of the United States of America, and cooperates in their endeavors, when invited to do so.

Adopted Colors

The adopted colors are Purple and Gold.

  • PURPLE: The color of royalty, denotes the highest standards and principles and is used by the Elks with whom our relationship or sponsorship establishes eligibility for membership in the Emblem Club.
  • GOLD: This color is used to signify quality or great value and symbolizes the rich blessings and material means, which we Share with those less fortunate than ourselves.


The Ritual for Emblem Clubs was written by officers of the Grand Lodge of Elks, and was adopted in the early years. The Ritual includes a nondenominational prayer, and a salute to the Flag of the United States of America.

Formation of an Affiliated Emblem Club

All Emblem Clubs, called Affiliated Emblem Clubs, are formed under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Emblem Club and by its officials when possible. At least 20 members are necessary to form an Emblem Club, and all those eligible in the community should be notified and given an opportunity to participate in the formation and membership. When interest is found, an Emblem Club member will meet with the interested group to give information, explain the purpose and details, and assist with organizing.

Visit by the Supreme President

A visit by the Supreme President in any Emblem Club is the highest honor that can occur in the organization. Each Club is to be visited by the Supreme President at least once every five years as provided by a Tract Listing. An active, progressive Club will seek this honor as often as possible.

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